PWM test command not working on Pixhawk 4


I am using Pixhawk 4 . I am using MAVlink shell in Qgroundcontrol after connecting Pixhawk 4 to test various PWM’s channels .
I typed in the following
pwm arm

and then
pwm test -a -p 1500

-a = for all channels
-p = value of the PWM

it gave me an o/p (on mavlink shell)
[info] press ‘ctrl + c’ or ‘c’ to abort

I have connected the i/o pwm out from the Pixhawk 4 to this component provided by the pixhawk .

I connected the DSO probe to ‘S’ (signal of the o/p) & ’ - ’ (ground) and checked the pwm signal.
I found out that there was no output (only noise).

Would appreciate any input on this ? Am i doing anything wrong in the procedure .

Can you try both devices IO and FMU like this:

pwm test -d /dev/pwm_output0 -a -p 1500
pwm test -d /dev/pwm_output1 -a -p 1500

Which version of PX4 are you using?

okay i will try the two commands. According to my knowledge, the default output of /dev/pwm_output0 which corresponds to io_pwm_out.

I am using PX4 version - 1.8.2

I think that’s correct.

I am using PX4 version - 1.8.2

I suggest to try with master 1.9.0, it might include fixes for Pixhawk 4.

@JulianOes I tried the pwm commands you told to perform on pixhawk 4. But still the pwm does not appear on I/O PWM .
For your information - Pixhawk firmware version - 1.8.2 (stable) with all sensors calibrated with flight modes.

led indications -
I/O led -
pwr - green led ON
B/E - off (amber led)
ACT - blue blinking

FMU led’s-
pwr - green ON
others off.

Also can you give me any info on what all these led means ?

I also have one more query . On QGC it shows all sensors calibrated (green signal on every where), but when i checked parameters tab on QGC for the same then i got no calibration data . I couldn’t find CAL_XSCALE_OFF,etc . What might be the reason for that ?

I’m not sure why that would be but I suggest to try with 1.9 (master). As said, some things for Pixhawk 4 likely have been fixed recently.