Projecting VTOL path


Tl;dr: How to generate the path a VTOL will actually fly, based on waypoints (without using simulators such as gazebo).

We are using drones for a range of missions with varying locations. However, we need to make sure our flying path is compliant with local regulations (fly future than 250 meter from prisons, roads, houses etc…). We are currently doing this manually but now looking into creating a script which can verify our path automatically. To get our flight path we could look at the waypoints of a mission, but the VTOL drone does not follow these precisely. It can for example cut a corner or overextend a turn. As such we need to know what actual path our drone will fly before the mission, based on waypoints. We have tested doing it in Gazebo simulator, but this is too slow. How can we more efficiently get the actual path a VTOL drone will fly?