Problem with updating pixhawk 2.1

I have problem with update. I was started to updating pixhawk but on the screen poped-up notification with error with flash memory. Next the, when I connect drone to Mission Planner pixhawk doesn’t run and I can’t connect it with MP. You know how to reset all config in pixhawk without connecting it to the PC?

Are you trying to flash ArduPilot or PX4?
For ArduPilot assistance, better to ask at

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Generally I need to know how to restore factory settings in pixhawk 2.1 without connecting it to the PC

New PH2.1/Cubes don’t ship with a firmware loaded, so you’ll need to flash one before you can connect over mavlink.

How can I flash pixhawk?

What ground station and firmware do you want to be using?
In Missionplanner use the Initial Setup tab, and follow the instructions.
In QGC, click the gear icon, and go from there.

I’m using mission planner ground station but my problem is how I can install update on pixhawk WITHOUT connecting it to ground station. When I started update, something break that proces and pixhawk cannot start working and I cannot connect it to anything.

What error message do you get?
What colour are the led’s?
Posting a screenshot might help.
We really need to diagnose the problem properly before leaping to a conclusion.
Also, for help with Missionplanner/ArduPilot, you need to ask at the ArduPilot forum as I stated above