Hello PX4, thanks to this forumm

I have two 3dr pixhawk ,

Is it posible an IMU not drifting continuously at all… or drifting just only 1 degrees for 1 hour at YAW/heading axis?? WITHOUT COMPAS/Magnetometer attached…

I try to disabling MAGnetometer and enabling the EKF alogrthmm and another ekf parameter but The drifting is 1 degreess for 1 minute ( so 360 Degrees for about 360 minute), continuesy drifting not stop… the pixhawk is stay, not moving at all

there is triple redundant IMU on pixhawk 2 what about that, is it helping the drift on YAW axis?
what I need is drifting just only 1 degrees for long time(half an hour until 1 hour) at YAW/heading axis?? WITHOUT COMPAS/Magnetometer attached…
without compass…

thankssss all,

if you disable magnetometers (some are on the board, why you cant use them) yaw axis is approximated only by gyro. Gyro in this class of sensors is not without noise and only minor offset cause behaviour what you described.

A dont know for what project you need this, but for long therm stability you have to had another reference for YAW axis (for ROLL and PITCH is this reference gravitation filed - accelerators) at example some sort of optical tracking.

Another possibility is to use better sensors with long term stability, but they are much more expensive and some of them are can be under export licence

I agree with David Kraus,
Yaw drifting is caused by gyro if you disable mag. A perfect calibration is nearly impossible. So an external device is needed to detect heading.
It might be mag, or optical flow camera or other external source.
I wonder if there is a way in attitude estimator to make it more stable even without a mag.

How did you disabled magnetometers?