Preferred SWD Debug GUI and backend

Hi PX4 dev team,

What are your preferred GUI/environment to do SWD Debugging with this project?

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I think unless we want to debug boot loader or nuttx otherwise we will use UART or nsh USB output?
Most of the dev works focusing on px4 application after nuttx finished loading. An USB interface is more preferered in my view.

Hi rolandash,

Thanks for your feedback and I get your point. I’m just used to haveing direct access to the hardware for debugging, however, this might not be that important in this kind of setup. However, I might be interrested in development all the way down to the bootloader.



Of course. in that case should use SWD.

A linux/MAC GUI will be preferred in my view, thus px4 developers can keep a consistent working environment.


Hi Roland,

Do you see any reason to use the option to have breakpoints and debug without alterring the program flow and timing?

And if you should recommend a GUI for SWD, which one would you choose?

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Michael Larsen

I am not a low level/kernel developer and just do some app level development so my answer may not represent others. In my view having breakpoints and real time tracing definitely helps.

When talking about SWD GUI, i am not that familiar with that, and would name like uVision/Keil on Windows. Under Linux there seems missing support of it, so actually no choice.