Plenty of satellite, no GPS fix

Using Pixracer with latest stable build. Have 17+ satellites, but no GPS fix on the pixracer - When armed, solid blue light. When disarmed, flashing green. Something odd tho. When outdoors, flashing green LED goes off. When I shade the board, the green flashing LED comes back. Is there a light sensor on the LED? Been struggling with this issue for many weeks.

Definitely a bug in PX4. I loaded Ardupilot and all works as expected. Flashing blue until satellites acquired, then flashing green, then solid green when armed.
PX4: Flashing green immediately upon power up, with no satellites. Flashing green LED goes out in direct sunlight (?). Never changes. Solid blue when armed even though 15+ satellites acquired.
Unplugged the GPS completely and still flashes green. With NO GPS connected it definitely should not be flashing green.