Plane flight log - Battery issue and take off issue

I tested todays beta build of PX4 and noticed when my plane takes off it banked hard right. The other issue I had is the plane would not read the correct voltage until I put it in stabalize and hit the throttle. Then I could put it in mission mode and launch with the correct voltage reading. See log link below.

Here is another launch same PX4 build except this time it went hard left on take off. See below log link.

I should note these are hand launches and I never had this issue before.

I’m not exactly sure what happened with the bank at takeoff, but when it leaves your hand it has very little airspeed (< 3 m/s) and the yaw rate spikes. It immediately sets the max roll allowed during takeoff (15 degrees), but overshoots past 45 degrees. Once you get some airspeed the roll recovers, but the tracking isn’t great until you finish climb out.
Do you throw in the direction of the takeoff waypoint?

Yes I through it at the take off waypoint. The first waypoint it goes into loiter so you can see where it starts the loitering before I take over.