Pixracer-px4-qgc frequent mag0 and occasional mag1 timeouts

Got rid of the frequent “avionics power low” message by switching to Mauch power modules. Now working on the frequent mag timeout message. I do not see where the mags are actually failing so wondering if anyone has any ideas or is it just something pixracer/px4/qgc does. Thanks.

So here is a little more info. Apparently it is a bug that causes warning messages to be generated immediately following a disarm after landing. Hope a developer can take a look at it. Otherwise the pixracer/px4/qgc combo is working very well.
Please note the craft was already on the ground and landed with full manual control. It was just disarmed and the failure messages were generated.

Log if anyone wants to take a look. As said nothing wrong anywhere in the flight just “mag0 timeout” and “manual control lost” warning messages immediately on disarm after landing in stabilized mode.

rcgroups user checked into this problem for me and found there is a bug in the stable release that has been corrected in the master release. No more errant warning messages on disarm now.