Pixracer/pixhawk driving steering servo

Hi there,

Now I’m trying to use the pixracer or pixhawk (I tried both) to drive a Traxxas 2075 servo. I tried pwm rate 50 Hz, pulse width from 1000us to 2000us, the servo won’t respond. I tried 100 Hz to match the original TQ receiver rate, and it failed to make the server react too.

Is there any suggestion on how to drive the servo by pixracer/pixhawk?

Many thanks!

have you connect some power supply? Pixracer/pixhawk are not capable to supply power for servos

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Yes, it works! Thanks!

@David_Kraus Do you have any suggestion on this issue? Pixracer/pixhawk with XL-5 ESC

Many thanks!

can I see your code?