Pixhawk6C Dshot capability with PX4


I am trying to build an Omnidrone platform following this document: Omnicopter | PX4 User Guide

Since I didn’t want to use KakuteH7 due to a limitation in computation power, I choose to use Pixhawk6C as I saw an Ardupilot document that Pixhawk6C can support up to 8 Dshot outputs. I found that is indeed true with Ardupilot, however, I am only able to get 6 Dshot outputs working with the PX4 firmware. I was wondering if it is due to some conflicts inside the firmware or if I can simply modify the PX4 code to have 8 Dshot output with Pixhawk6C as it seems not to be a hardware issue.

Additionally, I was wondering if there are any other Pixhawk series that have 8 Dshot capability using PX4, other than the KakuteH7.

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide.

PS. This is the actuator status of Pixhawk6C given by Arupilot and PX4

For Arupilot, 8 pins are capable with Dshot600.


For PX4, only 6 pins are capable of Dshot and AUX7-8 does not support Dshot.

Did you get your problem solved by any chance

I changed some parameters in the board setup to make it work but didn’t go well.