Pixhawk PM06 V2 Melting Wires

I’ve recently purchased a Pixhawk 4 Mini with the PM06 V2 power module and just today noticed that the power wires running from the power module to the Pixhawk have melted together. It appears that the two ground wires have seen the worst of it. I’m not sure when this happened but the FlySky FSiA10B reciever, two micro servos, Benewake TFMini and Pixhawk 4 GPS unit were all receiving power from the power module. I would have expected this to cause the 5v line to get hot as well though. I have since added a dedicated 5v regulator for the micro servos and the Flysky receiver as I was getting low power warnings from the rc receiver. Do you think this would have solved my issue or could I have a bad ground somewhere else on my system and these two wires are now receiving way more current than designed for?

I appreciate any and all help!