Pixhawk Cube & Pololu G2 Motor Driver Connection

Hello everybody,

I am trying to connect Pixhawk Cube to the motors, and I am using Pololu G2 (Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v17 ), which is recommended in Ardupilot’s website ( Brushed Motors — Rover documentation ) - well, at least verified! - . The problem is I couldn’t figure out connections between the Pixhawk & the driver.

Looking at the connections:


Right Side (4 pins):

GND , VIN → I connect them to my power supply’s ground and + voltage (around 20V).
OUTB, OUTA → I connect them to the motor.

Left Side (8 pins - but 4 of them enough for using the motor as I tried with power supply):

GND → ?
DIR → ?
PWM → ?
PLT → ?

There are 3 outputs (-, +, S) going from the Pixhawk. I tried a power supply first, and by using these 4 pins I was able to make the motor work ( I guess I connected GND to ground, PWM and PLT to 5V output, DIR to either ground or 5V - all from the power supply, second channel). Note that, I was controlling the motor’s speed by changing the battery power (VIN of the left side), there was no PWM control. Now I want to connect Pixhawk to it, but don’t know what connections should be made.

Thanks in advance!

The 2 pins namely DIR and PWM are of concern to the Cube,
PWM goes to the PWM enabled MAIN OUT Pins i.e. CH1 to CH8.
and the DIR goes to the AUX OUT Pins 1 to 6.