Pixhawk 6c ERROR:No local position estimate!

Hi there,
Using pixhawk 6c flight control brush to write px4 v1.13.1 firmware, the following error:
check for a valid position estimate
Failsafe enable :No local position estimate
Accel 1 clipping, not safe to fly!
Land now, and check the vehicle srtup. Clipping can lead to fly-aways.
Stopping compass use! Land now and calibrate the compass

I will add some logs:

you have really bad vibrations. Try to isolate them with some mechanical means. Usually clipping error arise with more vibration.
in your log, in raw acceleration, the blue graph should be separate from red and green.
calibrate you compass and accel again and check.

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Is the vibration causing the sensor anomaly?

Could be one of the reason