PixHawk 4 Risk Mitigation and Failure Modes Analysis

Hey guys, I’m looking at doing a Risk Mitigation and Failure Modes Analysis for one of the projects I’m doing using the Pixhawk 4 and to do this I need a reliability of failure number (between 0 and 1). If anyone knows of such a number and would like to tell me I would greatly appreciate it!

How would we know this number? And to do what with the Pixhawk 4?

The only real way to find this number is testing, or based off of the reliability values of the components making up the PixHawk4.

I wanted to do a reliability analysis to assess the reliability of my UAV, the reliability of which is based on the reliability of the components which make it up.

Got it. I think it’s just not that easy. You’d have to check all components and then you’d have to test or audit all the software that you’re using. Which is why I asked what you would be doing with the Pixhawk, the code paths executed for different vehicle (think multicopter, fixedwing, or VTOL) are not all the same and depending on what (additional) functionality you use that also changes everything. For instance if you fly a common multicopter and use it with other components that are flown often in the community and you do flights similar to the ones often tested then your success rate should be quite good. However, if you pair the Pixhawk with new things that haven’t been verified or you fly special missions like no one has tried it yet you’re more likely to discover corner case in your testing.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone can give you such a number just like that, otherwise I’d be surprised. If it’s just about hardware and not software you could try to ask the vendor and ask about the components and standards used.