Pixhawk 4 B/E Led flashing amber

Hi all,

I have a Pixhawk 4 flight controller I am attempting to get to work with PX4 autopilot. I should have everything wired together correctly (I have successfully built other drones in the past) and have performed all the necessary calibration. The vehicle passes pre-arm checks and is able to be armed, but when I raise the throttle the ESCs/motors receive no signal.

I have noticed that the amber B/E mini LED is flashing on the flight controller. As far as I can tell that indicates there is a problem with the controller being stuck in bootloader mode? I was wondering if there was anything specific I could do to help fix this - I have tried re-flashing the firmware on the board several times. Also there is no light on the B/E mini LED on the FMU side, I was wondering if there were parameters I could change to have the main outputs instead be routed to the FMU outputs.


Which PX4 version do you have flashed?

I have PX4 Pro Stable Release V1.14.0 flashed from QGC on a Hexacopter.

An update - I went into the vehicle parameters and manually assigned the ‘pwm_func_main’ outputs to the six motors. When I did that the flashing amber b/e LED went away. I am currently able to arm the vehicle but am only getting signal sent to motors 5 and 6.

That’s odd. Can you show a screenshot of the actuator config?