Pixhawk 4 and coaxial drone

I’m running through the pixhawk 4 guide right now but I wanted to make sure I’m reading this right that the pixhawk for can do a coaxial drone? I useing to large motors with 15" blades and want to make sure this system can handle it before I buy everything.

anyone? I’m about to order but can’t find anything

The PX4 firmware supports it, according to this page.

I didn’t look to see if Ardupilot supports it or not.

This seems like it’s true, but it doesn’t say how the yaw is controlled? Would I assume correctly that this would be the controlled by the spin of the two motors?

The pixhawk for coax copter is based on esky lama. This is a coax copter based on a single swashplate system on order to get pitch, roll and yaw.