Pixhawk 2.1 Orientation Invesion

In the last week I’ve discovered a new weird thing that started happening with Pixhawk2.1 Cubes, QGroundcontrol 3.3.0, and PX4 1.7.3.

For some reason, after the default flash of PX4, the board orientation is set incorrectly. The roll angle is 180 degrees off and the magenetic heading is now 90 degrees off. This is different than the behavior with the previous 5 or 10 cube’s I have configured with QGround and PX4 in the past.

This appears to have started happening recently. It seems like the orientations it has picked are actually how the sensors are mounted internally, but my question is why did this work previously?

Did something go wrong with the board detection phase?

I’ll ping you on slack to discuss a few debugging steps and getting a good log.

Thanks Daniel!

For everyone else following along at home, I’ve installed the dev master build with the same results.

I enabled sensor and debug logging and placed a short log file here: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=e566f5a5-1e67-4a23-b569-75451663fc82