Optical flow without GPS


so the only thing i have to do is modify the flag for EKF, and try position control mode.

just waiting to receive some frame material to repair a broken part :frowning:


I modified the value of bitmask, it was selected to use GPS, however position mode always reject


Takeoff in auto mode and at 1 meter, you will be able to switch to position mode.

The PX4Flow needs a bigger view to initialize (:


Hi @AlexisTM, thanks for the info!

Just a quick question: how do you take off without GPS? Which flight mode is auto mode? Do you mean manual/stabilized?


Using QGC, you can do a takeoff.

I modified the PX4FLow software to make it “always valid”


hi AlexisTM,
I am new in the forum , i am trying to to indoor positioning with pozyx ,
i am using arducopter 3.6 as firmware for a pixhawk PX4 FMU V2, i also have a RPI
I wanted to connect position from the pozyx tag and send it to the pixhawk .
But i dont really understand the how to fake this gps data . I want to use the EKF as you propose
Can you explain me in more details the princip , how to fake this GPS data


@joekrom you’ll need to visit the ArduPilot forum for help with that: discuss.ardupilot.org


i already exposed my problem there . thank you
did you have any process that worked ?
the most important for me are the different step