Off Board Thermal Calibration Difficulties

I’ve been working with the off-board thermal calibration process for the past few days and I’ve got almost everything functioning. However, when I run my .ulg file through the processing script ( the script only detects baro data and none of the other sensors that should have data. I would expect to see 2 accelerometers and 2 gyros as well as the baro.

I will note that I was only using a class 10 micro SD for logging. Maybe that isn’t good enough to keep up with the logger for this calibration?

Here is the log I used:

I also had to implement the GE 3 condition to get the baro data to work as mentioned in the thread linked below:

Looking at the code, the wiki instructions have been obsoleted by the changes to the logger. Please set SDLOG_PROFILE to 4 and see if that logs the required messages.

I’ve tested this on a pixracer and It looks like the raw baro sensor logging is no longer working. I will investigate further.

It looks like the script is failing due to a bug when there is only one set of baro data. I will push a fix.


@Paul_Riseborough I implemented those changes and everything worked as expected! Thanks!

@Paul_Riseborough I’ve been working with this calibration a bit more. I’m not sure if I’ve encountered another bug or not. However, I keep getting the following error when I run the script:

“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 712, in
baro_0_params[‘TC_B0_ID’] = int(np.median(sensor_baro_0[‘device_id’]))
NameError: name ‘sensor_baro_0’ is not defined”

I’m fairly certain I have everything logging correctly and the plots that show up on flight review looks like all of the data is there. Thoughts?

here are the plots:

Works on my pixracer log when I use latest master.

I tried everything out again with several different autopilots and determined that the one I was using in the instance above was in a strange state where the autopilot was unable to change its logging profile state. After resetting the board I was able to perform a calibration successfully.