Object avoidance with Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone,

Im hoping you can help me ou with a question I have.

Im hoping to build an autonamous drone with obstacle avoidance. The idea is that the drone will take off, fly arond an indoor area and return home.

Ive two different build idea,

  1. Arduino and a Pix32.
    Arduino will have distance sensors, go right if you can go right if not go forward ect. A little bit of reading and I think the communication protocall software is Mavlink.

  2. Rasberry Pie 3b and Navio2.
    Simillar idea but the Pie would be running Mission Planner.

Is it nessesary for the Pix32 to be connected to Mission Planner to get avoidance commands from the Arduino? Im a little bit in the woods here, any help is apprectaited!

Im not sure I know the questions to ask so please feel free to critiqe or offer advice.


Why not use the obstacle avoidance features of the autopilot, that are already built in?