Numerous ActuatorComponent.qml errors noted in the log

I’m in the process of building hexacopter using the PixHawk 6C with two SpeedyBee 4in1 ESC’s. Initially, I had them connected to the I/O connectors. I moved them to the PMU because they use DSHOT protocol. When I attempt to configure the actuators, all that is displayed on the screen is the generic hexacopter layout and the option for advanced settings.

I’m on firmware 1.14.0. It’s as if the ESC’s are not being detected. Ideas? I have not connected the motors yet. Could that be the issue?

It would appear that several features are missing when I built QGC locally for Rocky Linux 9. The attitude and compass “meters” are missing as well as the submenus for Actuators. Which library or Qt module am I missing? However, the daily QGC download are working now.