Not working Thrust parameter in the topic /mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude using MAVROS on a real flight

I am communicating my Pixhawk Cube with ROS and I am trying to control the orientation of the Quadrotrotor with the topic /mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude, where it receives the quaternions and the thrust as input parameters. The problem is when I try to publish in the Thrust parameter, the Quadrotrotor changes from the offboard mode to altitude mode, on the other hand if I don’t publish anything to the Thrust parameter the Quadrotrotor crashes but does not leave the offboard mode. On the other hand, I am using the RFD (sik) temetry radio to send and receive data through mavros, that is, ROS runs on a computer on the ground. The speed of communication of MAVROS through telemetry antennas is of 57600 bauds.

Has anyone been able to control the orientation and thrust through the topic /mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude by making a communicating through MAVROS using a RFD (sik) temetry radio ( RFD 900+ Modem)?

@adrianh Yes, I have managed to control the vehicle with attitude setpoints.

Attitude setpoints with thrust setpoints require you to have high rate setpoints in order to maintain a stable flight. baudrate of 57600 bps is not enough for this purpose. Moreover, streaming over a radio link on a Sik radio results in large packet losses.

Usually you would have a onboard computer connected to the flight controller via serial. The normal operational baudrate for streaming offboard setpoints are 921600. You might be able to control the vehicle over a wifi link but would still not recommend this setup as it might not be reliable.