No px4 file in /data/ftp/internal_000 Bebop 2

I am attempting to upload px4 onto a Bebop (2). I have manage to get pretty far considering the issues I’ve had already.

Two things I am currently having trouble with though are regarding the script and then starting PX4 on the Bebop.

First, the script calls an script which is not present in src/Firmware/boards/parrot/bebop/scripts. To attempt to get around this, I grabbed another adb_upload script from:

Firmware/boards/atflight/eagel/scripts folder.

I’m sure its not best practice but it allowed me to begin the upload at least.

Next, after the upload, I attempt to start px4 on the Bebop and find that /data/ftp/internal_000/px4 does not exist and I’m kind of clueless on why this would happen… Any help would be great.

Also, sorry if this is not the best post, its my first time.

Did you solve the problem?