New Windows / Visual Studio Example

I uploaded a new Windows / Visual Studio example to my github account based on c_uart_interface_example the thread code has been removed and the linux network code has been replaced by Windows network code. The app requires the c_library_v2 header files.

In the current state of the app it receives several messages and prints the name of the message. Decode code is in place for some of the messages but not all. There is limited send functionality but it cannot be verified because I do not see any change in the received heartbeat message. It always shows remote enabled but never transitions to an armed state thus no motor startup nor takeoff. Nor can I take out of a remote enabled state. I have tried sending the messages to, port 14550 as well as to the port shown as the remote host senders port as identified by the first received message

Use at your own risk. If you have suggestions please let me know. I will update the code when I can get it working but that may take a team effort.