Multi_uav_mavros_sitl battery simulation error

Hello @LorenzMeier, @JulianOes, @DonLakeFlyer, @Jaeyoung-Lim, @jimdgit I am trying to launch multiple uavs, with mavros nodes using the launch file multi_uav_mavros_sitl.launch in firmware/launch. I tried to change the battery simulation parameters by changing SIM_BAT_DRAIN to 100 (default 60) and SIM_BAT_MIN_PCT to 10 (default 50) in file simulator_param.c in firmware/src/modules/simulator.
2 px4_sitl nodes are launched, what i see in QGC and also by publishing battery topic that sim battery parameters changed only for 1 vehicle and it remained to its default values for vehicle 2.
I could not understand why this is happening.
uav0 drains till 10% but my uav1 drains till 50%, i want both to drain to 10%. Please suggest some way out and reason why is this weird problem coming?