Motors shutoff seconds into takeoff when RWTO_AIRSPD_SCL is 50%

As it says in the title, the motors shut off during the takeoff roll when RWTO_AIRSPD_SCL is set to 50% or less. The reason we have the scaler set low is because we have a STOL platform and we want the aircraft to rotate on the ground and takeoff about as early as we can. When the scaler is set to 100% (which for us translates to 8m/s) the takeoffs are successful but the aircraft has a massive surplus of energy at that point and it basically has to pitch itself down to stay on the ground which is certainly not the behavior we want. The airspeed sensor signal looks clean so I don’t think that’s the issue, my gut is telling me that there is some sort of protection feature being activated but I can’t seem to find it. Any ideas?