Modifying mixer generic flying wiing


I own a flying wing. Normally flying wings have one pushing motor. Mine has two pulling motors on the wings. By using a servo Y cable I connect the two escs to main 4 (main 1 aileron left, main 2 aileron right, main 3 empty and main 4 throttle: these are the main outputs for flyingwings). It works.

My aim is to control the two motors separetly when in manual mode (manual=with my radio commands) I mean when motors are not under the total control of FC. I would use the rudder stick of the radio to input the different thrust to the motors.

I could connect one esc to main 4 already active for commanding motors and the second esc to (empty) main 3 that should be correctly activated for this purpose.

I think that on my taranis the two motors should be mapped to two different channels.

On QGC parameters list I find the mapping RC channels for throttle ailerons elevators and rudder (this last is not used in my airframe).

I did some tweaks in the generic flying wing main mixer.

But the flight controller emits 5 boops meaning that an error has occurred.

For now I don’t want to explain the tweeks I did.

Just i am asking if anyone knows how to achieve the result and gently give me some ideas.

So grateful to ones that have the knowledge of the stuff and will help me.