Mission waypoints controled in time (not in speed and hold time)


I am looking for a way to get a mission with waypoints controled in time, ie I would like my drone to get at a certain waypoint at certain precise time.

For example, at 8 secondes from the take off, it should be at waypoint 1, then at 15 secondes at waypoint 2, then at 17 at waypoints 3 etc… autonomously.

Is there anyway to do this without getting through a companion computer ?

Also I would like to control a led in time as well, synchronized in time like the position of the drone.

Same question here, would it be possible to do it with px4 software or do I have to get through a companion computer ?

PS : I run the latest px4 version on a kakute f7.

Any help woud be greatly appreciated :+1:t3: :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

For the timing question you could use the “hold time” of the waypoint to get the timing you need. For the led I don’t have solution…

Hi Katawan,

The thing is, I would like it to be very precise, this is why I precised “controlled in time (Not in speed and hold time)” in the title, because if I do that I cannot know precisely how much time it will take to get from one waypoint to the other…

Thanks anyway for your answer !

oh yep sorry did not read the title until the end :sweat_smile: