Method used for yaw coordination

Can someone please explain to me why yaw coordination is disabled by default, when/how we should use it, and the difference between the two methods and which one is recommended?

Minimal speed for yaw coordination

Comment: For airspeeds above this value, the yaw rate is calculated for a coordinated turn. Set to a very high value to disable.

0.0 > 1000.0 (0.5) 1000.0 m/s
Method used for yaw coordination

Comment: The param value sets the method used to calculate the yaw rate 0: open-loop zero lateral acceleration based on kinematic constraints 1: closed-loop: try to reduce lateral acceleration to 0 by measuring the acceleration

0: open-loop
1: closed-loop

Yaw coordination is now always enabled, and I have a pull request open to delete these obsolete parameters.