METEO S1 High-Precision Dropping System

METEO S1 intelligent throwing system consists of FPV camera, aviation aluminum alloy fuselage, throwing body, etc. It is equipped with brand new quick release interface, which can be adapted to multiple models of flying platforms. It supports camera tilt control, and can determine the throwing position according to the image returned from the FPV camera; built-in high-precision tension sensor can accurately measure the weight of the hanging objects and display it; you can set the value of automatic throwing tension in advance, and once it reaches or exceeds the value of tension, it will be thrown automatically.

Size: 130120138.6mm
Weight: 860g
Working Temperature: -20℃~60
Storage temperature: -30℃~70
Maximum load: 10kg
Throwing function: intelligent, manual
Video resolution: 30W pixels
Lens: f=3.6mm
Angle adjustment range: 0°~90°

· One-piece metal housing
· Real time weight display
· Intelligent setting of throwing gravity

MMCUAV (Leading Industrial Drone Manufacturer)

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