Max altitude Fence has no mercy - warning avoided

This is all on the Gazebo SIM.
I an effort to understand the PX4 Safe guards I attempted to command altitudes that were too high (above a fence max altitude). I noticed that it gave me a warning when I uploaded a flight plan that was too high (450 ft) and wouldn’t allow me to switch into mission with those points.
I was able to command mission my changing the flight plan altitude to 300 ft (remembering that my fence was also 300 ft).
The aircraft climbed to 300 ft precisely and then flight terminated with the message “Maximum altitude above home exceeded by 0.0m”

A. I will have caution when using flight terminate or fences.
B. I will have caution when commanding alitutudes

Is it possible to adjust warnings in the future to avoid the edge case of someone commanding their max altitude thinking it is safe? Perhaps we can warn at a certain buffer from the fence. 10m or so.

These are good suggestions. I agree the trigger is a bit abrupt, and we should make more of an effort to keep you inside the fence in the first place.

If you could create an issue on github ( documenting the problems and how you’d like to see it function I could start making improvements for the next release.