MAVSDK (C++), in Follow me mode drone is always heading north


Running the follow me example provided with MAVSDK C++, the drone is always heading north whatever the follow me mode is (front, behind etc.) and whatever the track of the drone.

For example, I was expecting same heading/track with behind mode and opposite heading/track for front mode.

What am I missing?

Monitoring with QGround Control with Stream GCS position set to never
Ubuntu 18.04, MAVSDK 0.39, JMAVSIM (same behavior with Gazebo)
Same behavior with MAVSDK-Python

Thank you for your help.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am not running MAVSDK, but am essentially having the same issue. I am using MAVLink-Router to route telemetry over the internet. Running qGroundControl on Android. Follow Me mode works fine EXCEPT that it is always facing 180 degrees from way (roughly pointing north) and the NAV_FT_FS parameter does not change anything.

I will experiment around and update if I figure out a solution.


Hi basshound,
Thx for your post. No update from my side.
Let us know if you find something new.


A Late follow up but the follow me you were using wasn’t controlling the heading of the drone on PX4’s side. So MAVSDK had no control on the heading!

I am now refactoring the follow me mode which solves this problem as well as making it much smoother and better. Let me know if you are interested in trying the improved follow me!

Best, Junwoo