MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MODE all possible modes

Hi everybody,
I am developing some pymavlink /dronekit code for PX4 flight controller.
I would like to send a command_long in order to change the flight mode. Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere the list of numbers corresponding to PX4 flight modes for MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MODE mavlink message.

Thank you very much for your help

P.S. Here is the dronekit commands I am using, if you have any suggestion I will be happy to hear them

vehicle._master.mav.command_long_send(vehicle._master.target_system, vehicle._master.target_component, mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MODE, 0,mavMode,0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)


I think that it is quite late reply, but I want to leave my answer for others who have the same problem.

You need to assign base_mode, main_mode, and sub_mode.
For instance, in order to trigger ‘position’ flight mode, you can use the following pymavlink code. I think that it will be same in dronekit code.

master.target_system, master.target_component,
mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MODE, 0,
base_mode, main_mode, sub_mode, 0, 0, 0, 0)

sub_mode is only defined for the AUTO_MOD

master.target_system, master.target_component,
mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MODE, 0,
217, 3, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

It seems likely to me that the base_mode value will be changed according to current flight mode (If it is incorrect, please correct me).

FYI, you can use the following main_mode, and sub_mode.

  1. Manual: base_mode:217, main_mode:1, sub_mode:0
  2. Stabilized: base_mode:209, main_mode:7, sub_mode:0
  3. Acro: base_mode:209, main_mode:5, sub_mode:0
  4. Rattitude: base_mode:193, main_mode:8, sub_mode:0
  5. Altitude: base_mode:193, main_mode:2, sub_mode:0
  6. Offboard: base_mode:209, main_mode:6, sub_mode:0
  7. Position: base_mode:209, main_mode:3, sub_mode:0
  8. Hold: base_mode:217, main_mode:4, sub_mode:3
  9. Missition: base_mode:157, main_mode:4, sub_mode:4
  10. Return: base_mode:157, main_mode:4, sub_mode:5
  11. Follow me: base_mode:157, main_mode:4, sub_mode:8

As I mentioned, the base_mode will be changed, but there are only 4 cases: 157, 193, 209 and 217. Thanks!


Hey thanks for this! How did you figure out all the different base/main/sub modes?

Hi, sorry to bump this up a bit, I have the same question as @chungma. Is there official documentation for the the PX4 modes? In particular, I’m looking to activate offboard mode via MAVLINK (I’m aware of the risks - we are a university research lab and taking the necessary precautions).

@chungma @ftherien Sorry for my late reply. I am not following PX4 blog for a while. I figured out this from PX4’s source code. Unfortunately, there is no such a specific information on the official documentation.