Master on OcPoC arms vehicle immediately upon starting PX4

Running the current master branch on the OcPoC causes the motors to arm at what sounds like greater than idle speed immediately upon launching px4. Followed Aerotenna docs at: where they were still relevant.

No logs because the vehicle did not think it was armed, but screencap of terminal launching at:

Also odd that the HMC 5883 fails, I can verify that i2c-4 is the correct port and that it is working by running another autopilot.

Could you please open a new issue on github to track this?
I’ll mark it critical as this is a safety issue. Unfortunately I don’t have one of these to debug myself.

For the issue can you capture the output of pwm info as well?

Sure. How would I silent the: MPU9250::_measureData: FIFO Count: 0 outputs? It floods the terminal so it’d be difficult to capture the pwm info

I tried 1.8 and it has the same behavior but sets the motors to full throttle… It doesn’t have the mpu output though. I’m not sure what pwm info you’re referring to, could you clarify on that?