LPE and UWB with DroneCore, indoor precise positioning

Hi All,

I’m attempting to send external precise position estimation to a Pixhawk 2.1 running PX4 v1.7.3 in an indoor environment without GPS.
I’m trying to send local position information using an onboard companion computer that includes x,y,z and yaw. Local position is calculated using Ultra-Wideband system with 6 anchors and a tag installed on the drone.

I configured PX4 as follow:

  • LPE_FUSION to accept vision information and disabling GPS
  • SYS_COMPANION to 57600

I would like to do this using Mavlink C library or DroneCore. I started using offboard_velocity.cpp example but drone had a strage behaviour.
After the connection is established using Telem2, log shows a FollowMe configuration message error about altitude setpoint (I’m using default params).
Then, I set the offboard mode, arm, takeoff and landing and it works.

My question is: how to set target local position NED using DroneCore? Is it implemented in the stable release?
Could you give an example?


Hi @OmarMorando sorry for the late response.

Position control is work in progress: https://github.com/Dronecode/DronecodeSDK/pull/434

When you say “strange behaviour” it would be good to get some log output and the flight log, otherwise it’s hard to know what went wrong.