Low bandwidth high latency SITL

Hello everyone,

I am currently building a SITL demonstrator using Gazebo as Simulator with PX4 on the drone side.
For the GCS, MAVSDK runs inside a linux vm running on a seL4 microkernel inside Qemu.

The seL4 instance is connected via a virtual UART limited to a 115200 Baud rate. The connection with PX4 is bridged via mavp2p using udp. As to be expected, the latency and bandwidth are quite low and in the current setup, the sensor information sent by PX4 ist too much bandwidth to handle.
By slowing down gazebo I was able to sometimes get a running demo, but this only works unreliable.

Do you have any tips for me, what I could try to lower the amount of data sent by px4 to MAVSDK and increase the acceptable timeout times?

Have a look at where the streams and rate is configured:

The most important one is the mode and rate. I would probably go with normal mode and reduce the rate to 10000 for a baudrate of 115200.

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