Looking to get the e convergence flight controller board

I am converting a ranger volentex glider to vtol and I want to make it easier using a eflite convergence board to transition from hover to forward flight (into the wind :wink: )
It has thrust vectoring for yaw in forward flight so I may not need the rudder but I will be making it a y copter format. I found a 3d printed files for the tilt mechanism and i could get that done. Do any of you think the control board won’t have an issue like voltage wise etc. I am running 11.1 volt battery and also may use a 14.8 volt battery for longer flights.
Let me kno if there’s something I might be missing. I am going to try and keep my futaba 6ex transmitter cause seems like this board has everything tied to 6 channels. One note I need to add I bought servo delayed so that when moving the tilt servo it will slow it down rather cause a violent pitch down or up attitude causing a potential crash. Ty