Long ublox time to Fully Resolved UTC Time

Was wondering if anyone has encountered long waits for fully resolved UTC times using ublox-7 modules. There is a flag “UBX_RX_NAV_PVT_VALID_FULLYRESOLVED” that I understand can take up to 12.5 minutes before it’s satisfied and hence a usable UTC time. There is a way to use a UBX-AID message to quicken this but don’t see these messages in the driver. Any ideas?

You’d have to add the messages here - https://github.com/PX4/GpsDrivers/blob/e645b90967a304669a51f0105882ac21470c646c/src/ubx.h

I was able to add the UBX_AID message. Thanks!

Glad you got it working! If you think it’s valuable please consider opening a pull request.