Logs px4 for checking of ekf2 Matlab port


I’ve just finished porting of ekf2 in Matlab. But i don’t have nesseccary data for validating of the port. I ask you give me your logs, in which you use ekf2 as the filter. I need to in logs with various sensors - airspeed, optflow, ext vision, rangefinder and etc. On my logs (imu, gps, rng, baro, mag) it looks good.
You can give me logs in px4log or mat format.

After validating of ekf2 Matlab port, I open this port for everyone on github.

And tell me please, are you interesting in ekf2 port on Matlab?

Ekf2 was written in matlab and ported to c++…

really? do you know where is ekf2 on matlab?

I know that matlab was used to generate matrices for fusion, but i didn’t see full code on matlab. In future i want use codegen ekf2 from matlab to c++

If the full derivation isn’t in GitHub you’d need to ask @Paul_Riseborough who’s the principal author.
His repo is priseborough

Matlab derivation of covariance prediction and observation fusion autocode is here: https://github.com/PX4/ecl/blob/master/EKF/matlab/scripts/Inertial%20Nav%20EKF/GenerateNavFilterEquations.m

A simplified matlab equivalent containing the more common observation methods is here: https://github.com/PX4/ecl/tree/master/EKF/matlab/EKF_replay

Thank you, Paul. I know about it. But i want to have not simplified ekf2 in matlab, because i want to codegen this filter in future