Lightware Lidar won't let the GPS boot

On-site now to do flight testing. When Lightware Lidar is connected via I2C I realized that there is no GPS fix and also no NSH on QGC (I guess Pixhawk is not booting even). When I remove the sensor, everything is fine and GPS appears. The video below shows what happened:

Logs below might be helpful for Param review:

Good day,
i suggest power the Lightware lidar with an alternative power source… just use an ubec.
I2C power line and uart have some power lacks…, if you need add extra periphs just use always a different power source

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This was the last option. I will give it a try.

Update the firmware on the LightWare unit. Depending which unit you have and when you bought it there was a known firmware bug that would draw too much power and bring down the power bus. Use the lightware studio app.

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This is fixed in master now.