KakuteH7 Mini V1.3 PX4 firmware 1.14.0 Actuator is not working properly

Hi Dear.

I have testing now Kakute H7 Mini v1.3 & Tekko32 v1.3 Stack on my drone.

-Firmware : PX4 1.14.0 release
-FC : Holybro Kakute H7 Mini v1.3
-ESC : Tekko32 v1.3
I have set Actuator outputs and then test actuator, but motor2, 3 are spin same motor.
I have checked cable pin and change frame type from Generic Quad Copter to Racer250, but result is same.

What is the matter?

Pls reffer to the attatched video.

Do the ESC signal wires touch somewhere? Maybe check if they are connected using a volt meter.

Thank you for your response.
I have already check several times the wire and replace with another cable, but result is same as before.
I am seriously concerned that this issue is a firmware error, and I have sent an email to the Holybro service representative, but I haven’t heard back yet.
If there is any other way I can test it, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
I want to know how to check holybro_kakuteh7mini source’s actuator configuration.

I guess it could be a problem with the pin configuration. Let me put that on my todo list for tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.

I just verified this on the scope, and it’s all correct for me, for both PWM and DShot. I checked motor outputs 1 to 4 using the scope.

Can you share a screenshot of you actuator configuration in QGC?

It became difficult to upload right now. Because, I was soldering directly to ESC Signal and burned FC. :sob::sob::sob: