Issue setting up center throttle

The issue that I am having is this, I have changed the three parameters for a center throttle, but as soon as I arm the motors kick on about 50%. Is my Pixhawk treating the arming process as a takeoff command? what do I need to set to get this to arm and then take another take-off command and launch? Really I am looking to get this drone to work a lot like the DJI Mavic. It will be used by multiple people few of which have actually flown a drone before. If anyone knows a good parameter setup for something like that I would really appreciate it. I got tasked with building this thing because I’m the only one that has a decent amount of experience with drones, I’ve been flying a Mavic pro for 3 or 4 years now. But that was all off-the-shelf drones, I have no experience with Pixhawk or this level of tweaking. Again any help would be great.

Any thoughts at all guys?