Is the number before init.d files's name and MAV_TYPE important?

For the files in folder init.d, is the number before the name 2100_standard_plane important?
If I define a new frame, I just need to choose a number which is not used in the folder, correct? Does the number related with the type I want to define? If I want to define plane, should I choose a 4 digits number starting with 2, like the standard plane? If I want to define VTOL, should I choose a 5 digits number starting with 13, like the quad+_tailsitter?

The other thing, is MAV_TYPE important to set? I can see from the 2100_standard_plane, which didn’t set this value. Can I set this value which doesn’t actually meet my desire configuration? I mean if I am a new custom VTOL, can I set 1, the plane? Can I set 19, the duo vtol? or should I set 22, the reserved vtol?

I reason I ask all these is because I defined a new frame, which can pass all check and can be armed but didn’t output any signal, the servo, the motor, none of them moves. Please help out. Thank you very much!


The number before the UAV name isn’t important. Any value could be defined but the MAV_TYPE is something even I’m looking into.

link: Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide

I’m trying to build a custom airframe, and I think I should use MAV_TYPE 22 as it is reserved and nothing defined but I don’t know if it’s correct.