Is optical flow (LPE estimator) valid in offboard mode?

Hi, I am working at a project that needs to flight indoor with offboard mode, so I consider using optical flow for holding position, but I am not sure whether the optical flow could work with offboard mode or not, I need some advices, thx

I did some tests using in off board mode using pix flow. But keep in mind, that LPE position estimation might fail with flow. That might be dangerous in off board mode.

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Thank you for your reply, and if I would like to flight indoor with optical flow, which estimator is recommended? LPE or INAV?

I guess the answer is EKF2 :smiley:

  • LPE is better for indoor (With Vicon/Mocap)
  • EKF2 is better outdoor (Without Vicon/Mocap)
  • INAV should be replaced by LPE or EKF2
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Indoor, LPE should work with optical flow. But dont fly too low, otherwise velocity estimate will be invalid and you will get error message.