Initial Feedback - On my experience, so far

Thanks you to all the contributors who made this project possible, and for the community to have a free and open source auto-pilot to work with, augment and alter for their projects and contribute to for a community program to be a part of. With all due respect.
Is there anyone who could mentor me. or at least correspond with me while I learn about this project and begin utilizing it? Responses on the site for questions has been negligible. Thanks.


What kind of mentorship you need? The documentation is very detailed. You just need to spend time on studying this.

Dear sir,
What I was hoping for was someone who might be willing to zoom or Skype or something similar for me to ask some questions about the code, its structure, its content, augmenting it, amending it and possibly some general questions about the project itself. The documentation seems to be oriented to someone familiar with projects such as this, and im new to all of this. Im basically just starting out and would be very appreciative of some one on one correspondence and communication with someone familiar with the project before I get started and as I go along. Someone that I can directly contact with questions and get good direction and/or response to things I find questionable or confusing or undocumented/not documented well enough for me to understand. Thanks.