IMU selection and management

Good afternoon
We are busy with a modification of the PX4 flight control software for our needs and need to configure the IMUs. Can someone please guide me with regards to the following questions? It will be highly appreciated.

I am using the Holybro Pixhawk 6X with PX4 software. We have the following issues:

  • The BMI088 IMU appears to be the default IMU, but the gyro output is at twice the rate of the accelerometer. Is there a way to configure the gyro and the accelerometers data to be available at the same rate?
  • The other IMUs do provide the gyro and accelerometers data at the same rate, but I cannot determine how to force the code to use one of these by default. Can someone assist me to make this selection?
  • If I were to change the sampling rate of the IMU data, is this configuration command sent to the IMU so that the modification of the sampling rate (and therefore also the anti-aliasing filtering) is performed inside the IMU, or is the data still transmitted to the Pixhawk and then processed in the PX4 software at the new rate? If this is the case, is the anti-aliasing filtering performed?

Thanks for helping out. I really appreciate it.