IMU heater is disabled cube orange build

Recently I switched from cube black to cube orange.
I want to use the IMU heater controller in order to get better attitude accuracy. After I build PX4-Autopilot for cube orange:

  1. I can’t see the parameters of the heater in order to change the default temperature (on Qground)
  2. Even if I set the only parameter I see (on Qground) SENS_EN_THERMAL to active, nothing happens
  3. in the source code I can see the heater.cpp and the heater.hpp files. meaning everything exists and builds

Digging deeper, I found the default.cmake file for cube orange that showed that the heater module can be set to active both at drivers section under ‘heater’ and modules section under ‘temperature_compensation’.
After doing that and trying to build the project there was an error in the board configuration file board_config.h "#error “To use the heater driver, the board_config.h must define and initialize GPIO_HEATER_OUTPUT”.
Should I do that manually and set it in the cube orange as it is on other version such as fmu_v5?
Is the cube orange has that function of IMU heating?
Does anyone knows how to set it correctly? where I can find that information about the cube orange?

I did the change manually and it worked.
uncomment the heater line - default.cmake
add the line:
to the board_config.h
compile and upload to the cube controller

@BlackMatter are you sure that’s the correct PIN? On the PCB it looks like this pin is used as MISO for the barometer.