How to use CAN peripheral on CUAV V5?

I am trying to enable CAN on my CUAV V5+ for a custom application (not UAVCAN).

From reading fmu-v5/src/can.c, I believe to enable this driver I need to use ‘menuconfig’ to enable CONFIG_STM32_CAN1 among others. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to enable this (and it seems the nuttx-config/nsh/defconfig file renames this to CONFIG_STM32F7_CAN1 for this board.

Should I edit the source code of fmu-v5/src/can.c to use CONFIG_STM32F7_CAN1 in place of CONFIG_STM32_CAN1, or am I missing something here?

(I should note I am using a slightly older version of the code).