How to test attitude on stand

I have tried to fly our tailsitter several times, but roll control has not been good in any mode. I’ve crashed several times while trying different settings and of course breaking propellers each time is not encouraging! I’ve thus set up a test stand where I can limit the drone to only pivot around one axis. This way I can test attitude control without the risk of the drone crashing.

My issue is that since the drone thinks it hasn’t taken off (since it cannot move vertically), it won’t actually try to stabilize. What do I need to do (configure) so that the drone will actively try to stabilize while it is on the test stand?

I’m using QGroundControl (4.3.0) for my Pixhawk2 (Cube Black) running PX4 1.14.0 .

The drone should think it is “in-air” as soon as you raise throttle, even if tied down, at least in Stabilized mode. Which mode did you try?

We had tried Altitude and Stabilized mode. Thank you for mentioning that as long as the throttle was up, it would try to stabilize.

We ended up testing in Stabilized mode and just kept the throttle up during testing. This worked. We were able to identify the PID settings that were negatively impacting Roll control. Yesterday was our first hover flight without the killer pendulum swing!

Thank you for confirming that in Stabilized mode, while the throttle is up, it would be actively trying to compensate. Your statement helped us move ahead with the testing setup. It would be nice if there was a way to make it think it was at a certain altitude and we wouldn’t have to keep the throttle up.

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