How to replace the pixhawk IO chip?

I want to join the control algorithm on the underlying IO board, but the memory and FLASH are not enough space. Now want to replace the IO pixhawk chip to stm32f405, I need to modify what files?

Why you want to add algorithm in I/O chip? as its name indicates, it is designed to handle I/O task only. algorithm should be in FMU processor.

What kind of algorithm you are trying to add?

I want to modifythe mixed control output in the mixed control documents .6 output control three motor and three servo. So I need to add the IO chip control algorithm.

I suggest to try using something like Pixracer instead.

I have now changed the PCB, joined the stm32f405 chip, in bootloader for stm32f405 has been changed, but in the modification of the px4io program, do not know what to do?

Pixracer up to my needs, interface and pins are not enough.

Or maybe you can consider PX4 on MindPX? the latest v2.8 has 8 main PWM + 8 aux for servo, probably can meet your needs.